How to update slimerjs to 0.10 or newer which is installed via npm install slimerjs ?

If you came across this issue like me here is how to update slimerjs:

npm install -g slimerjs
cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/slimerjs/lib/
mv slimer slimerjs-bak
mv slimerjs-0.10.0/ slimer

with new v10.0 you need to update your firefox version too. you can choose a version between 42 and 46.

How to find previously saved wireless network ( wi-fi ) password without connecting to it ?

If you want to find password of current wi-fi;

1- you can simply right click the wi-fi icon near the clock in start menu
2- right click go to network properties.
3- security
4- show chars.

But what if you want to find password of another network ? How can you achieve this without connecting to that network ?

It’s even simpler open command terminal and use this command:

netsh wlan show profile name=”wifi_name” key=clear