mysqlworkbench bug report

My last bug report to oracle has been accepted and fixed in next release 5.3.6.

SELECT * FROM lazyoracleportal.0UU60c51_abb_blog_likes;

there is a error warning but works

SELECT * FROM `lazy-oracleportal`.0UU60c51_abb_blog_likes;

Both warning and not working! It has to be something like this:

SELECT * FROM `lazy-oracleportal`.'0UU60c51_abb_blog_likes';

How to repeat:
Create a schema contains dash “-“.

Create a table which has a name starting with number like “0”.

Click on the select 100 rows.

Suggested fix:
SELECT * FROM `lazy-oracleportal`.'0UU60c51_abb_blog_likes';